The Sims 2 Machinima – X-Friends Money Doesn’t Fall from the Sky (Hollywoodguy, 2006)

Originally X-Friends is the title of a series of comic manga-style comics produced in the 2000s by Hollywoodguy.

X-Friends comes from the name of a band of six friends as crazy as each other.

Synopsis of the serie X-Friends

The X-Friends are a group of six friends:

  • Sidrus Matt Deywitt, the flirty boy
  • Michelle Splinter, the bimbo tease
  • Ashley Robinson, the wealthy pretentious
  • Misiko Stenf, the shy awkward
  • Kirupika Tachigawa, sports intelligence
  • Sonia Simmons, the greedy brawler

Despite their different personality, the six gay guys always find themselves together to live funny or even crazy adventures that put their friendship to the test.

Besides, the villains of history are jealous of this friendship. They seek at all costs to destroy it.

Will X-Friends’ Friendship Resist Adversity?

Synopsis of the episode Money Does Not Fall from the Sky

In the episode Money does not fall from the sky adversity does not come from a bad guy. It comes from faults in Ashley’s personality. His pretension and arrogance are exacerbated by the crisis of adolescence. The slightest incident puts her out of control. In the end, his behavior irritates those around him. She believes that everything is allowed on the pretext that her family is rich.

But what will she do if the wealth of her family disappears?

A word from the director on the X-Friends series

Hollywoodguy avatar - 512x512

As a child I used to play creating manga characters with my brother, my two sisters and my two childhood friends who are sisters. The six of us liked to imagine stories. We told them with drawings made on paper and on wooden boards with chalk.

One day, one of my two friends found a wooden board that was in my father’s apartment. My friend had asked everyone to draw an original character there with chalk.

My other friend was one of the first to draw a character on this wooden board. She called her Michelle. As soon as I discovered her character of Michelle, I fell in love with her. Inspired, I drew my own character that I called Sidrus.

The other characters are called Sonia drawn by my friend on the initiative of the wooden board, Ashley drawn by my first sister, Misiko drawn by my second sister and Kirupika drawn by my brother.

Each one expressed some details on the life of his character. The stories then began to emerge. First, they appeared fleetingly. Because the creative medium was chalk on wooden planks. Each scene was the subject of a drawing. We were reading. We were erasing. And we were drawing the next scene.

But our group could not always stay together. And some abandoned their character to move on.

As for me, I wanted to continue bringing these six characters to life. So I started making comics on paper. The manga was born.

One of my two sisters proposed a title for this manga: X-Friends. I immediately hooked and adopted it.

A few years later, with the release of The Sims 2, I adapt some of the X-Friends stories on video, and I share them with you.




X-Friends , Money Does Not Fall from the Sky (Hollywoodguy, 2006)

After the opening credits (part 0), the episode Money does not fall from the sky from the X-Friends series is divided into twelve parts. Besides, there are three bonuses at the end. Everything has been broadcast since 2006 on Dailymotion on the Hollywoodguy channel and since 2010 on Youtube on the SimsXFriends channel. All these channels are managed by Hollywoodguy the director of the X-Friends series.

Part 0: The opening credits

In the opening credits of the episode, the X-Friends sleep in class. When the music gets louder, the six friends wake up and have fun in their college.

Music: Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), Garbage

Part 1: Ashley crisis

Ashley the English girl good chic good kind of the group of friends X-Friends, have a crisis of superiority. She takes herself for Miss Powerful on the pretext that her family is rich. She sends her teachers for a walk.

Musics: In Too Deep, Sum 41 ; Thanks for Nothing, Sum 41 ; Mozard

Part 2: Chez Michelle

Ashley goes to stay with her friend Michelle, who is the main member of X-Friends. She will show him all the colors!

Part 3: Chez Sonia

After class, Ashley asks Sonia to house her. She pretends that her castle is invaded by ants. At Sonia’s, Ashley will discover a somewhat special family.

Music: In Too Deep, Sum 41 

Part 4: Fart and Burp at Table

In the Simmons family making noise at the table is quite common and normal. How will Ashley, who is on horseback with cleanliness, react?

Music: Bridal Dancing Queen, Blazey Best

Part 5: Chez Misiko

Ashley and the Simmons family (Sonia family) arrives at the Stenf family (Misiko family). But Misiko’s mother doesn’t want to welcome them. Ashley tries to sneak into the house, however.

Music: Jaws (Steven Spielberg, 1975), John Williams

Part 6: Ashley's Childhood

Ashley’s childhood is told here in images accompanied by Japanese music by J-POP (DBZ). Ashley grew up in a worldly life. But she is misunderstood, she is unhappy. Not knowing what to do, her parents decided to place her in a public daycare. But the educator does not like wealthy people. Ashley will face discrimination. But it is in this daycare that Ashley will meet her future best friends.

Part 7: The Hooligan

Ashley is assaulted by a thug in a residential area. She shouts and annoys the neighborhood. An old gentleman sends his dog to hunt Ashley from here.

Part 8: Chez Kirupika

Ashey wanders and finally arrives at Kirupika’s. She does not hesitate to openly express her dissatisfaction with the Tachijawa family. This capricious behavior ended in a terrifying surprise the next day for Ashley.

“Oh my god, they [you] killed Kenny! – You bastard[s]!” is a famous replica of Stan and Kyle in the cartoon series South Park.

Part 9: Chez Sidrus

Without doing it on purpose, Ashley reveals her secret to Sidrus in anger. She’s going to sleep at his house this time.

Musics: Stay With Me, Radford ; mOBSCENE, Marilyn Manson

Part 10: The big anything

The Deywitt family goes crazy. Ashley does not participate in the party and isolates herself.

Music: Basket Case, Green Day

Part 11: The Ultimate Depression

Ashley cracks, Sidrus is there to cheer him up. But now Ashley’s mom is calling.

Musics: Pieces, Sum 41 ; Mozard

Part 12: The end credits

The X-Friends all meet at Sidrus to celebrate the end of Ashley’s adventure.

Music: 86, Green Day


Credits to machinima

Title of the serie: X-Friends

Title of the episode: Money Does Not Fall from the Sky

Director: Hollywoodguy

Network: Dailymotion (Hollywoodguy channel), Youtube (SimsXFriends channel)

Release: 2006

The machinima is an adaptation of a comic strip.

Credits to the original comic strip (manga)

Title of the serie: X-Friends

Title of the épisode : Money Does Not Fall from the Sky

Writting and Drawing: Hollywoodguy

Format: unpublished manuscript paper

Credits to the video game

Title: The Sims 2

Developers: Maxis Redwood Shores

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA Games)

Director: Charles London

Producers: Jonathan Knight, Margaret Ng

Programmers: David Gregory, Matthew M. Brown

Artists: David Patch, Goopy Rossi, Leo Hourvitz

Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh

Series: The Sims

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release on Microsoft Windows in North America: September 14, 2004

Realease on Microsoft Windows in Europe: September 17, 2004

Genre: Life simulation

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

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