The Sims 2 Machinima: What Happens in This Boys’ Love (BL) Story Between Two Gay Boys? Hollywoodguy Makes Kingdom of Brodland a Short Animated Movie in Tribute to the Rock Song Make Up by Escape The Fate

At Brodland, arranged marriages were common. The most of the people of Brodland think that there was no need to be in love to marry.

But what is a life without love?

To guarantee their descendants, the King and the Queen of Brodland seeking a woman for their only son, the beautiful Prince Peter Brodland.

Because of critic financial difficulty due to a war lasted in the west, the King and the Queen also wanted an alliance with the Candberry, one of the most powerful princely families in the kingdom who held the silver mines. Sir and Madam Candberry were very happy to learn that a member of their rich family was allowed to marry with the reigning family founder of Brodland. Thus the princess Fedorine Candberry was chosen to be the subject of the contract between the two famous families.

The problem is that no one suspected that Peter Brodland was already in love with Nathaniel Kendson, a favorite living in the royal domain. The other problem is that nobody knew Fedorin Candberry fell in love with Peter Brodland since childhood.

You watch Kingdom of Brodland (Hollywoodguy, 2010)

The author says

Kingdom of Brodland is a story that deals with emotional torments when you do not fully control your environment despite all the means at your disposal. Some desires can be stifled by social pressure or family.

To make the Kingdom of Brodland machinima, I am inspired by Walt Disney films to create a universe of castle, prince and princess. I wanted to show that we could set up a dream setting with the video game The Sims 2. Besides, I thank all the artists on ModTheSims who allowed me to materialize my artistic vision of this film.

The gay romance between Prince Peter Brodland and Nathaniel Kendson is the pearl of this tragic work. It is a story of pure love for adolescents who discover their homosexuality and who experiment it in secret. That said, I frame the film from the point of view of Princess Fedorine Candberry, who causes chaos in the lives of boys without wanting to. His flouted emotions give the opportunity to shoot spectacular shots.

Love is the best hope in the face of the nothingness of death. So when love is threatened, the abyss is never far away. Rock is the best music to express this feeling. I immediately got hooked when I listened to the song Make Up by the American group Escape The Fate. There is this dramatic and energetic note which decided me to choose it to accompany the story of Kingdom of Brodland.



Prince Peter Brodland surrounded by his harem of cute favorite boys at the royal court, (Kingdom of Brodland, Hollywoodguy, 2010)

Informations about the movie

Title: Kingdom of Brodland

Director: Hollywoodguy

Original Network: HollywoodguyTV (Youtube)

Release: June 13 2010

Informations about the music

Title: Make Up

Artist : Escape The Fate

Credits to the video game

Title: The Sims 2

Developers: Maxis Redwood Shores

Publisher: Electronic Arts (EA Games)

Director: Charles London

Producers: Jonathan Knight, Margaret Ng

Programmers: David Gregory, Matthew M. Brown

Artists: David Patch, Goopy Rossi, Leo Hourvitz

Composer: Mark Mothersbaugh

Series: The Sims

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Release on Microsoft Windows in North America: September 14, 2004

Realease on Microsoft Windows in Europe: September 17, 2004

Genre: Life simulation

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer

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French Law

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