The Sims 2 Machinima: Hollywoodguy makes Remiel & Gabrielle a Short Animated Movie Telling an Emo Love Story in Tribute to the Rock Song Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

There are three main characters who lives in a cute suburb. Remiel, Gabrielle and Damien.

Gabrielle is an emotive and shy emo girl who just need love in her life. She becomes one of the current girlfriends of Damien. She hope some tenderness. But Damien do not care about love.

Damien is the leader of the most influential band of the school. He is the strong alpha male of the district. He beats all the guys around and takes their girlfriends. But the power drives him crazy.

Remiel lives for music and love. He have a good faculty to listen and understand emotions of others peoples. He is the former boyfriend of Gabrielle. Even if he is skinny like a skeleton, Remiel have bravery and force in his heart.

Gabrielle arrives late for class in a gloomy mood. Damien stares strangely at her. The other students and the teacher see that something goes wrong. But Gabrielle does not want to talk.

In the class, Gabrielle can not listen the lesson. Because the images of what happened the day before arise and plunge her into darkness. Damien beaten Gabrielle until her face down.

At breaktime, Damien follows Gabrielle between the blue and cold lockers. Discretly, he whispers to her not to report what he did. Remiel sees all the scene. But he have no proof to intervene against Damien.

After some time, Remiel goes to see Gabrielle who is sitting alone in the garden of the school. He talks to her. Gabrielle tries to express her emotions to her former boyfriend. 

But she can not find the force to go to the end of her words. The fear is too strong and takes her breath away. Feeling weak and hopeless, she lefts in tears and runs away.

Remiel feels in his heart that he have to help her.

Remiel walks towards Damien at his own risk. Because Damien always hangs out in a graveyard with his harem of girlfriends and his army of drunk buddies. Remiel faces Damien. A fight follows. Alone in front of a group, Remiel is finally beaten on the ground. Suddently a black car comes in the cemetery. Bullies escape.

Recovering at home, Remiel have a nightmare in which Gabrielle commits suicide by jumping from a grey building. In the middle of the night, Remiel wakes up in a storm. He decides to go see Gabrielle urgently. He runs through the town.

At Gabrielle’s home, Remiel sees that she is sleeping. Feeling a presence, Gabrielle wakes up with surprise. Remiel is quick to hug Gabrielle. His tears reaveal his strong love for her. He was so afraid to loose her. Gabrielle talks to Remiel. Remiel persuads her to go to the police. After hesitation she accepts. 

They are received by a policeman. Thereafter a couple of cops are sent to Damien’s home. So the head of the gang is off. 

Feeling free, Remiel and Gabrielle love again.

Watch Remiel & Gabrielle by Hollywoodguy on Youtube

Informations about the movie
Title: Remiel & Gabrielle
Director: Hollywoodguy
Producer: HG Production
Distributor: HollywoodguyTV (Youtube)

Informations about the music
Title: Face Down
Artist : The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Informations about the video game
Title: The Sims 2
Developer: Maxis Redwood Shores
Publisher: EA Games
Director: Charles London
Producers: Jonathan Knight, Margaret Ng
Programmers: David Gregory, Matthew M. Brown
Artists: David Patch, Goopy Rossi, Leo Hourvitz
Series: The Sims
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Carmen King reacts Remiel & Gabrielle on Youtube

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