Black Tshirt – Female – Unisex – Hollywoodguy Studios


Enter the wonderful world of Hollywoodguy! With this superb t-shirt from the Hollywoodguy® brand, you will be dressed in style. It is the style created by the designer and director Hollywoodguy, inspired by popular American and international culture. Be part of the great community around the fantasy world imagined by Hollywoodguy alongside the thousands of “Subsribers” who subscribe to its YouTube channel HollywoodguyTV launched from 2010 to today, and the million “Viewers” who watch its videos. Treat yourself to this magnificent tshirt, and become the “Customers” who make dreams come true!

Enchant your good shopping moment! By discovering or rediscovering the fantastic mini-film Remiel & Gabrielle produced by Hollywoodguy in 2010 staging a famous “Emo Love Story” in the American style. Pure audiovisual emotions!

Welcome home ! Hollywood is the emblematic district of the American city of Los Angeles, in California, in the United States of America. Indeed Hollywood is the emblem of those who dream of an extraordinary life, out of the ordinary. Cinema, radio, television, the internet are the media that allow dreamers to realize their dreams and share their passion with the whole world. The spirit of Hollywood radiates everywhere and illuminates the daily lives of millions of people. So wherever we are on Earth, whoever we are deep in our souls, we can all be a girl or a guy from Hollywood: a Hollywoodguy!

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Details of the visual on the T-shirt
“HollywoodGuy” in black, authentic handmade signature of Hollywoodguy
“®” in white
1 underscore in red


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